My First Fishing Trip with Dad, Part 2


Hello Fellow Adventurers,

I would like do a quick video here and follow up to my fishing story with my Father. I did a live earlier today, and I realized that I would like to put an emphasis on a couple of things that are very important. As I'm sharing my story, or as I shared my story about my very first fishing trip with the family, with my Father, I mentioned how we form beliefs and patterns. The mind forms patterns of thought, patterns of thinking and feeling, from the experiences that we have throughout life. This begins when we are children. This is where it all begins. We are, or the mind is forming the beliefs, and we also form thought patterns, or ideas, concepts and models of thought and response. Over time there are patterns of thinking that the mind starts to become accustomed to.

I would like to make something very clear here. The mind will pattern the behavior of the significant people in your life, especially when you're a child and the unconscious mind is still...

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My First Fishing Trip with Dad, Part 1


Aloha fellow adventurers,

We all have angels and guides. These light beings are around us all the time. I have become close to my guides and angels and they are prompting me to share a bit of my story and be vulnerable. Here is the story I decided to share, and I trust it serves you in some way.

Coming to a good place. Creating a lot of happiness in our life. That's really what this work is all about. I work with the mind, and support and guide clients to shift, heal and re-focus thought, belief and stories to a new and positive direction.

Here is my short story. It's a childhood story. One where I am a six or seven year old boy. My dad and mom had just stopped at a department store where they bought me my very first fishing pole.. And wow I'm so excited. We're going to go fishing. My sister and I are in the back seat of our family Buick Skylark and we pull up to the lake and it's just, it's just so great. I'm so excited! And, when I get out of the car, and I walk over to the lake,...

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Reactions; Release the Old, Welcome the New


Hello and welcome!

I shared a video just the other day on triggers and reactions and how to begin the process of removing them, or at least reducing there frequency. A video on removing this old energy from your life and welcoming the new. This is a follow up to that video.

I wish to clarify a couple of things because I've had some different questions about that video and the information I shared there.

First of all, I spoke about reactions. All of our reactions are from our ego. All thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and reactions create an ego. Okay? It's the ego. The ego is created by the mind, and all the mind has learned from your physical experience. But that is not the focus of our talk, so I won't be talking about that in depth today.

The ego is actually a conditioned part of you that holds beliefs about others, about the world, and about yourself. And we (the ego) will react to a belief, we don't want to believe  is true. Because everything in the world is energy and we...

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Removing Reactions; Finding Joy


Speaking to the old feelings, (Actually, I call them emotions - or energy in motion) the old beliefs, and the repetitive thoughts that come up in our lives, ..each of these are truthfully, all us, expressing an energy that we've become very close to. An energy that we are very familiar with. Some of these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are fun and some of them, are not so enjoyable. I'm addressing the not so enjoyable energy today.

Many of us look at the current situation and condition of the world and feel a little bit stuck at this point. The last few years have been challenging.

I want to support you today to begin removing these old energies from your life. To start shifting and bringing new energy into your life and change your experience. When you feel  low vibrational emotions, from an old story or your perception of a current situation, the best thing you can do is accept them and not resist or push them away. Think about that. When was the last time you felt bad?...

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The Beautiful Opportunity in Transitions



After some time to reset, I'm really happy to be back doing what I love.

Let's discuss transitions and change. Transition is happening all the time, isn't it? Change is an inevitable part of life, even though we may not expect it, and it may catch us off guard, we must consider what change is really about.

A transition to a new experience is something that is meant for our growth, personally or professionally. Whether we expect it or not, it is ultimately meant to change our life and bring new experiences.

Transitions can be a change in relationship, a change in career, a change in status or a change in location. All these different changes -- pretty big changes -- can really affect us emotionally, and physically.

When we transition, more times than not, we usually transition to a higher experience, which in my opinion is the whole purpose of a transition. The old way of doing, seeing and experiencing the situation is over. We are faced with, and have an...

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Does Stress, Doubt or Anger From Past Trauma Affect Your Creativity?


Do you think the energy of sadness or anxiety or stress or self-judgment or doubt or anger are caused by a way that we process information? Does it sabotage our innate ability, our inherent ability, which we all have, to really enjoy life? Is this making it difficult to experience miracles?

Well, I absolutely believe it is!

And not only does it effect the miracles that are open to us, but what we do not become aware of and release, the emotions, and patterns that we have difficulty processing, will damage our life experience, and the results of all of our efforts.

And of course, more than becoming harmful to our experiences, we are damaging the body. You see, we are bioelectric beings and our thoughts are charged, negatively or positively, and carried along by "phonons."  Phonons carry the (negative or positive charged) information of a thought to our body and then through our energy, out to the world. Our energy is constantly interacting with the universe. Through our overall...

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3 Easy Steps to Create More Fulfillment


I work with a lot of people who are in careers positions or situations in their life where they really feel stuck. They trudge into work. They tell themselves all kinds of things just to get through the day. And their big payoff is the weekend, so they can get out and enjoy themselves.

But my question is, what about the rest of their life?

Today I want to outline 3 Steps to Create More Fulfillment. And yes, it's a big subject.

There are a lot of different things I could talk about. I bring up quite a few of these in my new book, Let Go of the Sh*t Show, which is for sale on Amazon.

But I want to talk about just 3 basic steps to get you moving in the right direction, and it is going to take being courageous, ..and being honest with yourself, really honest with yourself.

Are you really happy with your experience of life? Are you doing the things that create a lot of fulfillment and joy... or are you just getting by? I want to take you from a place of, "Oh, it will be okay" or "It will...

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Page 43. A quick and beautiful story and another benefit of Meditation.



I'm going to call this Part 2 of "How to Bring More of What You Want Into Your Life, Through Your Own Thought and Focus." Yes, by using your mind."

A few years back, I was dating a beautiful lady. She is a wonderful woman who has four children. Back then, I used to read quite a bit. I still do, but not quite as much as I used to. It was mid day and I was sitting in my favorite spot, reading at home, and I decided to take a break and do a little meditation.

Most people know by now, I'm a big advocate of meditation. I've used meditation to connect with infinite intelligence ..and I've used it in many ways. Most powerfully, I've used it to heal myself from some of the physical and emotional challenges I've had to grapple with when I was younger.

A little of my history -- I was raised very... let's call it disciplined. My father ran a tight ship at home. He was in the military for about 35 years. So to avoid any negative feedback, I strived to do everything perfectly. Ha,...

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Love Who You Are


How many of you love what you have in your life right now, today?

Do you love what you have?

Loving what you've got, loving where you are and loving your experiences -- are all keys to loving yourself.

Why would that be so?

Is it because you're supposed to be positive and happy and go through life in "La La Land"? That's great, and it helps, but there's something bigger.

It's because through your thought and your choices, based upon your belief and your actions, you've brought yourself to where you right now. Where you stand right now.

You're the one who brings these experiences into your life.

There's something you believe about yourself and the energy you put out to the world that affects your inner actions, the way you experience life and people, and they just reflect it back to you. The world reflects it back to you.

Learning to grow through your experiences and love them are all part of learning to love yourself.

Many of us have ideas, concepts, thoughts that stop us from...

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How To Use Your Mind To Get What You Want


Hello and Welcome, to another episode where we mix up a little science and, what I like to call,  a little spiritual seasoning to, "spice up your life."

Today I'm going to talk about meditation and visualization and ways that you can use your mind to create or manifest something into your life.

Your mind is really amazing. I've studied and trained with many people over the years and I've come to understand and know that the mind is the key to bringing what you desire into your life. The energy you hold, and the thoughts you think, tied to the beliefs and the emotions that come afterwards.., are actually creating situations and events and experiences in your life. The mind is the key to your emotional state, and increasing or remaining healthy, ..and your connection to infinite intelligence through your focus, through meditation, and through these processes I'm going to share with you.

The more you do this, (use these processes) ..the more the mind opens up to creativity...

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