Does Stress, Doubt or Anger From Past Trauma Affect Your Creativity?


Do you think the energy of sadness or anxiety or stress or self-judgment or doubt or anger are caused by a way that we process information? Does it sabotage our innate ability, our inherent ability, which we all have, to really enjoy life? Is this making it difficult to experience miracles?

Well, I absolutely believe it is!

And not only does it effect the miracles that are open to us, but what we do not become aware of and release, the emotions, and patterns that we have difficulty processing, will damage our life experience, and the results of all of our efforts.

And of course, more than becoming harmful to our experiences, we are damaging the body. You see, we are bioelectric beings and our thoughts are charged, negatively or positively, and carried along by "phonons."  Phonons carry the (negative or positive charged) information of a thought to our body and then through our energy, out to the world. Our energy is constantly interacting with the universe. Through our overall consciousness, or energy, we are constantly interacting with all that is.

How you feel right now, in this moment, is interacting with the universe. So it's important to process emotions that surface -- to feel them, to accept them, to appreciate what they are making known to you. There's always something behind that, emotion, or reaction. And that's why it's so important to work through any level of trauma or hurt or emotional state that continually comes up for you.

What I want you to do is to start seeing or perceiving your experience differently. It's really important.

Every thought (we have) is just bits of "information" being pushed along by energy. So as you think, each thought is being pushed along by either a positive or negative energy. It's really... when you look at this from a quantum physics point of view. It's really just that simple.

It's time to decide... who do you wish to be? Of course , my wish is, I want you to be a strong, aware individual human being who makes better choices to change and heal. Anything that keeps coming up for you, it's time to address it. It's not healthy to continue reacting and you don't want to push that aside.

We want to get beyond our old conditioned behaviors and way of seeing ourselves and the world and let this beautiful creative flow takeover. When I am talking about creative flow, of course, I'm talking about your higher energy, higher intelligence, or the infinite intelligence of the universe that we allow in and support a higher energy.

We can continue to go down an old and familiar path, that we are so very used to, of reaction or judgment. But when we can process that reaction or judgment, when we can feel that, accept that, understand that, and we surrender and release our reactive state and resistance to what is, we turn it over. We turn it over to higher intelligence. We allow that, our spiritual intelligence, to take over. There are many words people use for higher intelligence. I'm going to use spiritual intelligence or the universe. 

I know how hard it is. I came from a place where, reactions, judgments and triggers, were a part of my experience and affected me much of the time. And sometimes I still have experiences where it's like... Ugh! Here I am again. So I know how hard it is. But making an intention to surrender in that moment, choosing a higher road to understanding and make the choice between your old path or a new higher path is key to stop going down the old path.

This is the first step in how we heal ourselves and allow the miracles to start happening in our life.

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Wishing you Miracles Daily!



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