Removing Reactions; Finding Joy


Speaking to the old feelings, (Actually, I call them emotions - or energy in motion) the old beliefs, and the repetitive thoughts that come up in our lives, ..each of these are truthfully, all us, expressing an energy that we've become very close to. An energy that we are very familiar with. Some of these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are fun and some of them, are not so enjoyable. I'm addressing the not so enjoyable energy today.

Many of us look at the current situation and condition of the world and feel a little bit stuck at this point. The last few years have been challenging.

I want to support you today to begin removing these old energies from your life. To start shifting and bringing new energy into your life and change your experience. When you feel  low vibrational emotions, from an old story or your perception of a current situation, the best thing you can do is accept them and not resist or push them away. Think about that. When was the last time you felt bad?...

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Does Stress, Doubt or Anger From Past Trauma Affect Your Creativity?


Do you think the energy of sadness or anxiety or stress or self-judgment or doubt or anger are caused by a way that we process information? Does it sabotage our innate ability, our inherent ability, which we all have, to really enjoy life? Is this making it difficult to experience miracles?

Well, I absolutely believe it is!

And not only does it effect the miracles that are open to us, but what we do not become aware of and release, the emotions, and patterns that we have difficulty processing, will damage our life experience, and the results of all of our efforts.

And of course, more than becoming harmful to our experiences, we are damaging the body. You see, we are bioelectric beings and our thoughts are charged, negatively or positively, and carried along by "phonons."  Phonons carry the (negative or positive charged) information of a thought to our body and then through our energy, out to the world. Our energy is constantly interacting with the universe. Through our overall...

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How Healing Your Own Emotional Pain Can Heal Your Whole Family


Are you getting the feeling it’s time to change? Well, it is! The world is evolving to a new level of living... and as our humanity evolves, so each one of us are urged to do so.


Do you have a feeling bubbling up from inside that is pushing you to learn more, to find joy and excitement and happiness serving others? If you are, then you’re in the right place!


And I am very happy you are here.


Today I’m going to share some spiritual sense. Call it Spiritual Seasoning to Spice Up your Life!


Today I am speaking directly those who have a family history of STRUGGLE. A history of upset,  or frustration. Those with families that have generation after generation of some type of suffering which create challenges in the area of love, relationships, work, money or health.


Many times as we wrestle with one of these challenges, and the challenge is deep enough where it causes other challenges to surface.


I’m talking to those...

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