How Healing Your Own Emotional Pain Can Heal Your Whole Family


Are you getting the feeling it’s time to change? Well, it is! The world is evolving to a new level of living... and as our humanity evolves, so each one of us are urged to do so.


Do you have a feeling bubbling up from inside that is pushing you to learn more, to find joy and excitement and happiness serving others? If you are, then you’re in the right place!


And I am very happy you are here.


Today I’m going to share some spiritual sense. Call it Spiritual Seasoning to Spice Up your Life!


Today I am speaking directly those who have a family history of STRUGGLE. A history of upset,  or frustration. Those with families that have generation after generation of some type of suffering which create challenges in the area of love, relationships, work, money or health.


Many times as we wrestle with one of these challenges, and the challenge is deep enough where it causes other challenges to surface.


I’m talking to those people whose families don’t see life as a lot of fun. I want you to know I have been there and I want to support you to live a different life.


Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a man who I’ll call Jim. Jim had been looking over my website and he questioned my statement on the home page, “Life is an amazing adventure and we are here to live with joy!”


He asked, “How can you say that? How can you see life as a fun adventure?”


Jim explained his family has had generation after generation of pain. His father came into his life with health challenges and died early after much suffering. His grandfather had an ugly experience with life. And Jim himself was now, with all that’s happening in the world, struggling to live well and make a good life for his children.


He just could not see that life was an adventure. He really believed life is a struggle, and that life is supposed to be painful. His family history was filled with challenge. He truly didn’t understand how can we come into this world with challenges and expect it to be enjoyable.


I asked if he knew why people experience pain and suffering, or why they come into the world with disease or pain. And he answered that No, he had no idea why.


On a side note, let me first say that I felt like Jim at one time, too. I had many of the same questions. During my seeking and insistent searching for answers, my curiosity drove me to learn some of the biggest, most life-altering answers. Answers encompassing divine wisdom. Spiritual spicy-ness that no one talks much about.   


Back then, I prayed for teachers and the answers to my questions. And one after another, the perfect teachers and the answers came.


So back to my encounter with Jim – I asked him if he would be willing to consider some new and higher wisdom, and perhaps a new perspective.


Jim agreed he was happy to gain a new perspective.


I asked if he knew what healing is and if he would like to heal this struggle and pain in his family moving forward?


He knew what healing was, and he asked …why heal yourself? There is so much pain in the members of my family, every day is difficult. Healing myself might be really hard for the other members of my family.


I asked if he would be willing to keep an open mind and take in some wisdom that was passed along to me from my masters… wisdom where he can decide for himself what steps to take, and possibly find a way to gain freedom from this haunting negativity, suffering, sadness and stress that has plagued his family…


…and then heal generation after generation moving forward.


Jim started to perk up and agreed to listen.


I told him the first step is that you must understand the unconscious mind -- the 90 percent of the mind that carries all the memories and experiences of the past in a vast memory bank.


This is the part of the mind that stores memories and experiences from every life.


A memory bank that is a part of us …life after life.


The unconscious mind carries the predominate state of mind into a new life (state of mind is thought, belief and emotion)


What the mind believes -- the feelings or predominate state of mind -- keeps us on the karmic wheel and the repeating life cycle, until we heal ourselves, by becoming aware, embracing all that we are -- the thought, the belief and the emotions -- and all our reactive states.


It’s important that we learn to accept and love our experience, love who we are, and learning of the beauty in each event of our lives.


From a higher perspective, even moments of discord are a beautiful part of our journey, part of growing our knowledge and awareness.


Looking back on the events of our lives it becomes easy to see the perfection of that moment.


This prompts us to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly.. and shift our pain to joy.


Until we heal this, we are in resistance to these events, situations and experiences that cause emotional pain…. and we are going to repeat them.


We only remain destined to re-experience them because the unconscious mind believes them to be real and is in resistance to that experience. Moving through our life, this resistance makes it tough to experience consistent joy or peace, and the struggle continues -- the struggle with love, with health challenges -- and we struggle to live fulfilled.


It is so important to heal the mind and thus heal our life. If we just stay upset, if we don’t integrate the higher wisdom and live with joy, our path and our life experience will be one of resistance and / or resentment, effecting all the events and situations of our life.


There are 3 levels of repetition or repeating pain, that we will continue to experience…


  1. You will repeat a pattern of thought, belief and behavior, directly affecting your own life.
  2. These patterns, your pattern of thought and reaction will be unintentionally passed on to your children as they learn from you.
  3. You will bring the same state of mind into your next life, to be re-experienced again.


It takes an amazing, courageous person to step up and become conscious of their stumbling blocks, challenges and reactions. Once this is healed in one person in the family, and they heal the anger, resentment, discouragement and pain… this person also heals this energy in the generations to come.


Amazing isn’t it?


Here are a few different ways to heal the mind:


  1. You could repeat affirmations again and again which is helpful but a very slow process and may not remove the old beliefs … and cause inconsistent results.
  2. You can use healing modalities to shift your energetic vibration, which is great until you begin to think in your old, patterned ways of thinking - which returns us to the old energy state.
  3. You can follow the 3-step process:
    1. Identify what you believe about yourself. Identify your patterns learned from your family, and directly shift them.
    2. Learn to Love your experiences and the wisdom of your life and what it has revealed to you, and therefore, remove the resistance to them.
    3. Create new uplifting patterns of thought, a new life story, removing old unconscious resistance to your heart’s desire, healing yourself and generations to come.


It’s a beautiful way to heal.


At this point, I reiterated to Jim that Life is an amazing adventure, and I wish an amazing adventure for him and his family.


He seemed to get it.


The choice is always yours, my friends. My choice for you is to live beautifully.


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