You obviously are an action taker. 

You have identified an issue, a recurring challenge..

And You Want to Know How to END the Cycle!


Being an intelligent person, you know its not about, "Things will be better tomorrow!"

Yes! I'm Ready to end my frustration!

Do you struggle to achieve the goals you set and the experiences you desire? 


Do you wrestle with thoughts, reactions or repetitive negative emotions?


Do you experience recurring struggles or conflict in your relationships?


Have you tried self-help processes, therapy, and you still can't achieve the joy, and the consistent happiness you seek? 


There IS a powerful way to quickly, identify and release destructive patterns.

Redirect thought and focus, heal and achieve the results you desire!

I'm Michael Vukelic and I teach professionals just like you, how to heal tough challenges. 


We have all had heartbreaking events and lost opportunities. Some of us more than others. Personally, I've enjoyed an exciting career, several business's, a loving marriage and plenty of abundance. As much as I loved and enjoyed those moments, it wasn't long before pain, or a shocking event, or situation, would come along and seemingly blindside my progress. 


I had a burning desire to know more, to be more and I became curious. Why was it that some people are so successful and I, working so hard toward a goal, would face an ugly situation and fall short of my ultimate dream?


It became so "old" at times I felt like it was hopeless to continue.


It isn't just "life." Over the past 15+ years, I've studied extensively with brilliant coaches, hypnotherapists,  philosophers, spiritual trainers, and neuroscientists. And I've amassed amazing wisdom.


The one item that each and every one of them made very clear? Understand your mind.


If you desire a consistent, happy, fulfilling and love filled life..

Becoming the master of your mind must be your first priority!


It's Essential to Navigate Life, Love and Relationships as an Empowered Individual.

Uncover Your Hidden Challenges

Consciously or unconsciously, we all carry baggage. The problem is we don't recognize it. How we think, the self talk, the beliefs and the story we carry is creating an energy and sabotaging our ability to receive and experience what we desire most.   

The subconscious mind keeps us small.

This course will powerfully guide you to identify what you really tell yourself about the world, the people, love, your career, your worthiness, and your abilities.

It takes a shift in your focus and thought and a expanded perspective to heal. 

Gain a valuable education on how the mind assimilates, reacts, and patterns information. Learn how your pattern of thought and behavior formed, and cause repetitive emotional suffering.

Break the Bonds of Belief

Discover your learned thought patterns, paradigms and beliefs. Why you came to think and act the way you do, is directly related to and formed by the significant people in your life. 

You have a conditioned perspective. Your mind can see only what it is conditioned to see. The human body sends 11 million bits of information to the brain per second, but the brain can only process 50 bits per second. Therefore the mind will pick and choose what is relevant or important based on your belief system. Our mind is so conditioned it only sees what it wants to see.

The processes in the course will uncover beliefs and stories you hold so you can become acutely aware. With this knowledge you then change your own story, and thus the timeline of your life.

 Heal and Transform 

Your mind directly effects your level and quality of love, health, success and happiness. Each thought you have causes an emotional state which then causes a chemical reaction in the body.

This chemical reaction is affecting your health and your level of energy or your vibrational state. 

If you are having difficulty controlling your emotional state this chemistry has begun to create an emotional addiction within your body.

This course is essential to create awareness of the old conditioned you and support you to assimilate a new intentional perspective of yourself and your life. Leave behind your limiting ideas, perceptions and stories and shift into self-mastery! The entire purpose of physical life is to evolve to a new and more loving you!

My life feels like a dream!  I have successfully  manifested the love of my life, a new home, a real estate side hustle and a healthy, happy me. 

You can have the healthy, happy, fulfilling life you desire! Don't wait another day.  Become someone you know you can be now!

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What do you really want?


What will that do for you once you have it?


What do you think that mindset is worth to you? 

Results from some of Michael's clients...

"When Michael said we will work together for 12 weeks.. I immediately said, i have experienced 20 years of therapy. There is no way! 12 weeks is not going to be nearly enough! After 3 to 4 weeks I could really tell a difference. I was so happy when I realized that -- finally -- this program was going to make a huge impact on my life."

Ray Y.

"After working with Michael, my relationships, both personal and professional, have blossomed and improved. He has given me the tools and the confidence to lead a happier, healthier life. Overall I'm just a happier person."

Luke L.

"I was able to move past some hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you Mike!"

Rosie D.

This Is The Sign You've Been Waiting For.

5 Tips to Cultivate an Empowered Mindset, Gain Freedom From Self-Sabotage and

Become the Master of Your Own Mind.

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Achieving Results!

Here is What You Get...

Module 1 - The Mind

In the first Module, through video and the online workbook, you'll develop an understanding of your conscious and unconscious mind.

You'll learn the 5 ways your mind impacts your well-being, your interactions and your life and how this awareness can eliminate struggle.

Module 2 - Assess YOUR Behavior

In this Module, again we are guided through video and workbook to use several unique tools Michael has created, you'll get to know yourself on a new level. You'll understand why you think and act the way you do, what your learned patterns, stories and predominant thoughts are, and how to pinpoint damaging thoughts, beliefs and untruths.

Module 3 - Healing

In this video Module, you'll learn how to heal old perspectives and wounds, and become strong of mind, so that past stories, identities and patterns no longer plague you in daily life. You'll begin to recognize sabotaging thoughts BEFORE you act on them, choose to appreciate the wisdom in the events of your life, thus clearing away old negative energies, and ending  hurtful thoughts & perspectives.

Bonus Module - Peace and Joy Through Wisdom of the Ancients

We've added this bonus module to the original course so that you can take your results to the next level. Michael shares Vedanta and Upanishad spiritual wisdom from Enlightened Masters -- timeless knowledge that's as relevant today as when it was first introduced to the world. Through Michael's extensive study, you now have the opportunity to take this wisdom and make it your own, introducing a whole new level of evolution and peace to your life.

You have Questions. We have Answers.

What Would It Be Worth To You To Finally...


  • Stop playing your life small and be appreciated, loved and respected?


  • Trust Yourself. Stop holding back and go "all in" on your relationships and experience the admiration and companionship you deserve?


  • Drop your judgment and treat yourself, and honor yourself, body and mind, with self love?


  • Stop worrying what others might think and start living life from an authentic you?


  • Stop dreaming of "someday" and immediately start achieving your health, wealth and relationship goals?




Get It Today For Only


One-Time Fee

  • Learn the art and science of how the mind effects every aspect of your life
  • Discover the secrets of your own egoic mind
  • Learn how to heal, transform your mind and engage the heart
  • Acquire the life changing, peace giving, wisdom of the Ancients
  • Learn to put Ancient wisdom into practice in your own life
  • HUGE BONUS! Your Purchase includes two (2) group coaching / Q&A calls with Mike (a $500 Value)!

Don't Miss This Rare Opportunity To Work Directly With Michael and Eliminate What Keeps You From Living Your Best Life. 

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