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Why You Create Pain and Struggle in Your Life...

And How to END the cycle!


Overcome self-sabotage and build the life, love and  success you dream of.

Yes! I'm Ready to end my frustration!

Do you struggle to achieve the goals you set and the experiences you desire?


Do you wrestle with negativity and lack a consistent quality of life?


Do you experience recurring emotions of sadness -- discouragement, confusion, anger, hurt, self-judgment or anxiety?


Have you tried -- self-help processes, therapy, traditional medicine -- and you still can't achieve the results you desire? 


There IS a powerful way to heal, and I can show you how!

I'm Michael Vukelic and I've been right where you are now. 


I've created a lot of success in my life. A great career, loving marriage and plenty of abundance. And as much as I loved and enjoyed those moments, it wasn't long before challenge or a shocking event would come along and blindside my joy. No matter how successful I became in terms of money, love or career, something would catch me off guard and leave me shocked, disconnected and struggling to return to a place of happiness. 


I became curious and I wanted to know why. Over the past 15+ years, I've studied extensively with amazing teachers, hypnotherapists, brilliant philosophers, success trainers, neuroscientists and physicists. And I've amassed an amazing education regarding our mind, and its effect on our body and our world.


My mission is to share this knowledge I've gained with as many people as possible, because what I now know is this...


Far too many of us are suffering needlessly!


There is a better way, and I can teach you.

I've created a course to help you end self-sabotage, once and for all!

Understand Your Patterns

Gain a valuable education on how the mind assimilates, reacts, and patterns information. Learn how your pattern of thought and behavior formed, hold you captive and cause repetitive emotional suffering.

Break the Bonds

Discover your learned thought patterns, paradigms and beliefs. Why you came to think and act the way you do; so that you can overcome your own story, create strength and direct your outcomes.

 Heal and Transform 

Create essential awareness and a new intentional perspective of yourself and your life. Leave behind your limiting ideas, perceptions and stories and shift, once and for all, out of self-sabotage and into self-mastery! 

Don't wait another day to end self-sabotage and finally get the results you desire!

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"You did not choose life to be better than or less than. You came to be happy in this experience. You came to expand, grow, be fulfilled and know Love."

Results from some of Michael's clients...

"When Michael said we will work together for 12 weeks.. I immediately said, i have experienced 20 years of therapy. There is no way! 12 weeks is not going to be nearly enough! After 3 to 4 weeks I could really tell a difference. I was so happy when I realized that -- finally -- this program was going to make a huge impact on my life."

Ray Y.

"After working with Michael, my relationships, both personal and professional, have blossomed and improved. He has given me the tools and the confidence to lead a happier, healthier life. Overall I'm just a happier person."

Luke L.

"I was able to move past some hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you Mike!"

Rosie D.

This Is The Sign You've Been Waiting For.

Gain Freedom From Self-Sabotage and

Achieve Power Over Your Own Mind.

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The Course at a Glance...

Module 1 - The Mind

In the first Module, you'll develop a deep understanding of both parts of your mind - conscious and unconscious. You'll learn the 5 ways your mind impacts your well-being, your energy and your life and how this awareness can eliminate struggle.

Module 2 - Assess YOUR Behavior

In this Module, using several unique tools Michael created, you'll get to know yourself on a deeper level. You'll understand why you think and act the way you do, what your patterns, stories and predominant thoughts are, and how to pinpoint damaging thoughts and untruths.

Module 3 - Healing

In this Module, you'll learn how to heal, become strong of mind, so that past stories, identities and patterns no longer plague you. You'll learn to recognize self-sabotaging thoughts BEFORE you act on them, thus clearing away old negative energies, and ending self-sabotage forever.

Bonus Module - Spiritual Ease Through Wisdom of the Ancients

We've added this bonus module to the original course so that you can take your results to the next level. Michael shares spiritual wisdom from Enlightened Masters -- timeless knowledge that's as relevant today as when it was first introduced to the world. Through Michael's extensive study, you now have the opportunity to take this wisdom and make it your own, introducing a whole new level of evolution and peace to your personal growth.

You have Questions. We have Answers.

What Would It Be Worth To You To Finally...

  • Stop playing your life small and receive what you're worth at your job or in your business?
  • Go "all in" on your relationships and experience the love, admiration and respect you so desire?
  • Treat yourself, body and mind, with the honor and respect you deserve?
  • Stop worrying what others might think and start living life on your own terms?
  • Stop dreaming of "someday" and immediately start achieving your health, wealth and relationship goals?

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  • Learn the art and science of how the mind effects every aspect of your life
  • Discover the secrets of your own egoic mind
  • Learn how to heal, transform your mind and engage the heart
  • Acquire the life changing, peace giving, wisdom of the Ancients
  • Learn to put Ancient wisdom into practice in your own life
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