Removing Reactions; Finding Joy


Speaking to the old feelings, (Actually, I call them emotions - or energy in motion) the old beliefs, and the repetitive thoughts that come up in our lives, ..each of these are truthfully, all us, expressing an energy that we've become very close to. An energy that we are very familiar with. Some of these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are fun and some of them, are not so enjoyable. I'm addressing the not so enjoyable energy today.

Many of us look at the current situation and condition of the world and feel a little bit stuck at this point. The last few years have been challenging.

I want to support you today to begin removing these old energies from your life. To start shifting and bringing new energy into your life and change your experience. When you feel  low vibrational emotions, from an old story or your perception of a current situation, the best thing you can do is accept them and not resist or push them away. Think about that. When was the last time you felt bad?...

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