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Speaking to the old feelings, (Actually, I call them emotions - or energy in motion) the old beliefs, and the repetitive thoughts that come up in our lives, ..each of these are truthfully, all us, expressing an energy that we've become very close to. An energy that we are very familiar with. Some of these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are fun and some of them, are not so enjoyable. I'm addressing the not so enjoyable energy today.

Many of us look at the current situation and condition of the world and feel a little bit stuck at this point. The last few years have been challenging.

I want to support you today to begin removing these old energies from your life. To start shifting and bringing new energy into your life and change your experience. When you feel  low vibrational emotions, from an old story or your perception of a current situation, the best thing you can do is accept them and not resist or push them away. Think about that. When was the last time you felt bad? Angry, discouraged, sad etc. Did you welcome it, or try to stuff it?

On your journey to begin accepting your emotions, when you feel them, take a pause, feel, and take time to evaluate the thought and belief behind them, and then the emotion that comes up for you. What you believe in that moment is what makes the situation a trigger for you. Contrary to what you believe, it is something you believe about yourself that causes the trigger.

Please understand, this is not a recommendation to wallow in your emotional state, but to understand the thoughts and beliefs behind them. What you feel, your emotional state, has been felt many times previously and accepting your feelings, and understanding where they come from, are the first step to releasing them. 

The point I wish to make here is's not about the situation you're in. It's not about that. It's not about blaming someone or something in your experience. I know that naturally you want to react to a negative situation and the conditioned way you have become accustomed to seeing or perceiving our experiences. Your known and familiar emotional state, is one that the mind/body actually wants to feel. Its an old energy and chemistry created by the brain. It's like a drug. To heal this, it's not about the situation you find yourself in.

It's about your reaction to the situation and the emotion that comes up from the thought and the belief; your thought and belief, and the reaction that creates an emotion.

Im asking you to shift your perception. Once you really understand that what you're seeing/experiencing (reacting to) is (a belief) about you, and something you're avoiding within yourself, you can heal these reactions and therefore start to heal these unpleasant situations and events that show up in your life. You will actually stop reacting. And these unpleasant situations that show up in your life (that are actually showing you something beautiful about yourself,) ..they will cease to exist.

I learned this first hand many years ago. I know it because I've taught this to others, and healed this within myself, and the results are incredible. It's so amazing how this works. You see there is much about life that you have not been taught. I will happily explain in later articles or video.

The end goal then, the ultimate goal, is to appreciate everything about your situation, the experience, and appreciate your emotion and yourself for having or revealing this belief, this old energy, to yourself. This old energy is something you can evolve through. To love it all. That is the end goal.

Once you can really understand and appreciate it, that is where your healing lies.

I love to teach and inspire and instill happiness and joy and abundance in peoples lives. Its important to note, from a scientific and/or spiritual point of view, you can heal many of the recurring challenges in your life. It took over 20 years of training and study, to heal many physical, (cancer, and heart disease) and emotional (anger, resentment, sadness) challenges in my life. I became very interested in this work when I watched my family members, including myself, struggle.

This amazing wisdom was given to me through coaching and training with brilliant people. I will gladly share in subsequent videos how without knowing, I was sabotaging parts of my own life, and my own success and how I healed.

There is zero judgment here. Everyone of us has our challenges, they are part of our growth. When we face them and heal them, it opens doors to a new and vibrant life. 

Everyone wants to live fulfilled. And you were born with powerful inherent qualities. This is who you are. When you know and believe it, you will see it. Everything that you desire can be yours.

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