The Beautiful Opportunity in Transitions



After some time to reset, I'm really happy to be back doing what I love.

Let's discuss transitions and change. Transition is happening all the time, isn't it? Change is an inevitable part of life, even though we may not expect it, and it may catch us off guard, we must consider what change is really about.

A transition to a new experience is something that is meant for our growth, personally or professionally. Whether we expect it or not, it is ultimately meant to change our life and bring new experiences.

Transitions can be a change in relationship, a change in career, a change in status or a change in location. All these different changes -- pretty big changes -- can really affect us emotionally, and physically.

When we transition, more times than not, we usually transition to a higher experience, which in my opinion is the whole purpose of a transition. The old way of doing, seeing and experiencing the situation is over. We are faced with, and have an...

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