Reactions; Release the Old, Welcome the New


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I shared a video just the other day on triggers and reactions and how to begin the process of removing them, or at least reducing there frequency. A video on removing this old energy from your life and welcoming the new. This is a follow up to that video.

I wish to clarify a couple of things because I've had some different questions about that video and the information I shared there.

First of all, I spoke about reactions. All of our reactions are from our ego. All thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and reactions create an ego. Okay? It's the ego. The ego is created by the mind, and all the mind has learned from your physical experience. But that is not the focus of our talk, so I won't be talking about that in depth today.

The ego is actually a conditioned part of you that holds beliefs about others, about the world, and about yourself. And we (the ego) will react to a belief, we don't want to believe  is true. Because everything in the world is energy and we...

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Three Common Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Success


No matter how you slice it, and whatever words you use -- the law of attraction, planning your life journey, following a path, or becoming laser focused and taking action -- we are responsible for what we are experiencing in our life. 

It's tough to see life this way. It took me many, many years to fully understand and integrate this.

Once I did, it changed EVERYTHING! My business is all about, how I can most powerfully support people to reach their highest potential. Anything is possible for your life and I desire to share the wisdom I've learned that has been instrumental in transforming clients lives.

Today I want to talk about three ways we step into self-sabotage - how we sabotage our inherent success, the quality of love for ourselves and others, and the flow of abundant living. There are many different ways that we can self-sabotage our results and our happiness. Lets start with these common patterns and behaviors:

1. We sabotage our success through our reactions...

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