My First Fishing Trip with Dad, Part 2


Hello Fellow Adventurers,

I would like do a quick video here and follow up to my fishing story with my Father. I did a live earlier today, and I realized that I would like to put an emphasis on a couple of things that are very important. As I'm sharing my story, or as I shared my story about my very first fishing trip with the family, with my Father, I mentioned how we form beliefs and patterns. The mind forms patterns of thought, patterns of thinking and feeling, from the experiences that we have throughout life. This begins when we are children. This is where it all begins. We are, or the mind is forming the beliefs, and we also form thought patterns, or ideas, concepts and models of thought and response. Over time there are patterns of thinking that the mind starts to become accustomed to.

I would like to make something very clear here. The mind will pattern the behavior of the significant people in your life, especially when you're a child and the unconscious mind is still...

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My First Fishing Trip with Dad, Part 1


Aloha fellow adventurers,

We all have angels and guides. These light beings are around us all the time. I have become close to my guides and angels and they are prompting me to share a bit of my story and be vulnerable. Here is the story I decided to share, and I trust it serves you in some way.

Coming to a good place. Creating a lot of happiness in our life. That's really what this work is all about. I work with the mind, and support and guide clients to shift, heal and re-focus thought, belief and stories to a new and positive direction.

Here is my short story. It's a childhood story. One where I am a six or seven year old boy. My dad and mom had just stopped at a department store where they bought me my very first fishing pole.. And wow I'm so excited. We're going to go fishing. My sister and I are in the back seat of our family Buick Skylark and we pull up to the lake and it's just, it's just so great. I'm so excited! And, when I get out of the car, and I walk over to the lake,...

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