My First Fishing Trip with Dad, Part 2


Hello Fellow Adventurers,

I would like do a quick video here and follow up to my fishing story with my Father. I did a live earlier today, and I realized that I would like to put an emphasis on a couple of things that are very important. As I'm sharing my story, or as I shared my story about my very first fishing trip with the family, with my Father, I mentioned how we form beliefs and patterns. The mind forms patterns of thought, patterns of thinking and feeling, from the experiences that we have throughout life. This begins when we are children. This is where it all begins. We are, or the mind is forming the beliefs, and we also form thought patterns, or ideas, concepts and models of thought and response. Over time there are patterns of thinking that the mind starts to become accustomed to.

I would like to make something very clear here. The mind will pattern the behavior of the significant people in your life, especially when you're a child and the unconscious mind is still forming. And, these people that play authority roles in your life are usually the people that we will pattern and then further associate various types of behavior.

In my fishing story, I shared how my father became very angry while removing the hook from a fish, the very first fish that I'd ever caught. And as a child, it was very scary and in that moment, I felt a lot of anxiety. And I expressed how I actually witnessed this many times in my life. I've processed, I've had to process a lot of this for a long time. Because I myself faced many times the pattern of frustration, and the pattern of anger that would come up in my own life from something that seemingly wasn't a very big deal. Was taking the hook out of the fish, a big deal? No. But there's a pattern here, a pattern of thought and emotion, of frustration and anger. What I've learned over time, is this frustration and anger goes way back in my family. We have a Croatian origin or history, that's where our family's from originally. So there is a pattern of anger, and upset that traces way back in our family.

The frustration of hiding who I was, being silent, or silencing myself, while faced with a situation, statement or behavior, caused me to create a pattern of, (as I'm hiding myself or as I'm stifling myself), not being able to be myself, be who I am, or get what I want out of a situation. This created frustration, and sadness. It created discouragement. Sometimes it was downright depressing. 

I had all these patterns that I now recognize in my family. I had them all. And what I'm going to say is this pattern of thought, plus the belief that's attached to it, plus the emotion that follows, created a specific state of mind. And that state of mind is what I felt over and over for many years. I'm sure my father saw it in his father. And, being that was my grandfather, he saw it in his father in varying degrees and it just carries on with each generation.

So this is why I teach to feel and appreciate what you are experiencing. Feel it, take it in, feel it again, this state of mind that returns again, and again, is what we have to accept, feel and appreciate.

This is how we begin to heal it. Take time. Evaluate. What is this experience showing you? What is it, that you really need or want to understand here, and then appreciate? The only way to heal these old patterns that the mind picks up Is to be able to feel and appreciate and refocus on what's best in your life. What is the wisdom that you are so extremely grateful for? Understand where this frustration and this pain comes from. This is the way to heal and shift the learned patterns of the mind. If you have something similar, this is the way to shift that learned pattern of the mind. First become aware that you're patterning a parent, you're patterning their behavior. You're patterning the way they think and feel, okay? Then identify what continues to show up as a repetitive pattern in your family.

Being conscious of this, of how we pattern that parent is really important. And when we can break the pattern and consistently focus on how we can serve the world, the learning we are grateful for and truly appreciate ourselves, our experience, and even appreciate that state of mind, we start to shift the energy of us. Feel it, and don't push it away. We can begin to heal and move forward. And again, I have a lot of great tools for this. I'd love to help you if need be.

And that my friends is the rest of my fishing story.

Live Your Best Life,


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