How To Use Your Mind To Get What You Want


Hello and Welcome, to another episode where we mix up a little science and, what I like to call,  a little spiritual seasoning to, "spice up your life."

Today I'm going to talk about meditation and visualization and ways that you can use your mind to create or manifest something into your life.

Your mind is really amazing. I've studied and trained with many people over the years and I've come to understand and know that the mind is the key to bringing what you desire into your life. The energy you hold, and the thoughts you think, tied to the beliefs and the emotions that come afterwards.., are actually creating situations and events and experiences in your life. The mind is the key to your emotional state, and increasing or remaining healthy, ..and your connection to infinite intelligence through your focus, through meditation, and through these processes I'm going to share with you.

The more you do this, (use these processes) ..the more the mind opens up to creativity and inspiration.

On Page 161 of my new book, I share an extremely beneficial process to gain clarity, creativity, and solutions... all while being at peace. And that process is meditation.

Let me share a paragraph from the book:

As your mind expands through this daily practice, you'll experience beautiful insights, creativity, and increased productivity. I want you to start with 10 minutes a day for the first three months. Find a quiet spot, set a timer, and just close your eyes and relax your mind. If you have an overactive mind like mine, the meditation process will become invaluable and evolve to incredible visualization processes, brilliant answers to pressing questions in your life, and profound connection to infinite possibilities. Physically, stress levels fall and blood pressure improves. And mentally you become very clear on what you can accomplish. Distractions are minimal.

This will become a powerful connection to higher wisdom, and intelligence.

I want to share a few facts now about your mind. Did you know that your mind does not know the difference between what you're experiencing right now in your life, or what it pictures in your imagination.  When you focus your attention on a particular event -- let's say you're laughing with that special someone at your favorite spot, or let's say you're imagining the same event. By closing your eyes and using your imagination, or experiencing the situation in real time, both experiences cause the same area of the brain to light up. Being there in person or using your imagination -- either way, you're activating the same circuits in the brain.

I want you to have some fun with this and begin to use your mind to support you, to bring something you really want -- a specific desire -- into your life.

Several people have asked me about relationships lately. Specifically, they ask how they can find a significant other, how can they bring this specific someone into their life. So let's use that as an example.

Here's what I recommend.

1. Start a meditation or visualization process. Just 10 minutes a day. I like to do this when I start my day. It involves sitting down, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, and letting yourself have peace. This slows the mind down and allows you to use your imagination. Take time and be in the moment. And then as you sit, be at peace.

Then create a short movie in your mind of the event happening the way you would like it to happen. See this event with the feelings you would feel as if it was actually taking place. That's step one -- meditation and visualization. I like to start with the calming of the mind and then visualize what I desire. As you do this, feel the feelings as if it was already taking place and then let go of it.

2. Next. Create an area in your home -- a special area wherever you like, where you can place some pictures and see them easily each day. Gather some pictures off the internet or off of a site like Pinterest. Gather some pictures of someone appealing to you ..for your significant other or partner. Put those pictures of yourself in this special area, or having a special experience with a special person, doing a few of the amazing, fun or beautiful things you love to do. Walking together hand in hand, sitting and having a fun conversation, or possibly traveling to a special destination.

Take five minutes a day and look at the pictures of yourself with this very important person. And here's the even more important part. I want you to feel what it would feel like if you were actually doing these things with this special person. If you can, do this for about five minutes a day. See those events in the pictures, see yourself in that spot and feel those feelings.

3. When you finish your meditation or visualization process and/or the viewing of your pictures, with feeling, and you can combine either of these processes at any time during the day..

I want you to let go of the process, and what you have visualized, and just get out into the world, doing the things you love to do. That's all. Whether it's interacting with a group of friends, shopping for food, going to work, playing a sport, or participating in an activity you really love and enjoy. Just get out and enjoy life and let go of those pictures, that visualization of the scene, and the outcome, -- let go of it. It's important that you go about your day doing the things you love without any attachment to what you have visualized or imagined. Just let go and get out and have fun.

4. Depending on how good you are at this, most likely, you're going to run into that person in a very similar scene to what you have posted in the picture, or what you've focused on. And you're going to run into them in a fairly short amount of time.

It really depends on how you feel when you focus on the picture, how much feeling you fell and how much you allow that to happen.

In the beginning, when this happens to you, when this event shows up in your life that you've pictured and imagined and you've felt it, and it feels so good to you in the beginning, you're not even going to realize that you just saw this person face-to-face, and it's similar, ..the similarity to the picture you imagined when you started the process. When I started doing this, a person, an event, an outcome would just happen very similar to how I imagined it. And the person would be very similar to the picture I had hung up. I didn't even realize it had happened until it was over. I would meet them in a store or have a business encounter. And I'd think "Wow, wait a minute. That looks very similar to the person I've been imagining!".

So start out slow with something or someone coming into your life. At one of the local places you like to visit. As you get better at this, you can expand your thought and imagination to bigger and better things. And of course, it's better if the event is believable to you. Any disbelief that you hold will sabotage your results.

Overcoming Self Sabotage is what I do to support people. Through my Spiritual Teaching and Success Coaching Processes I help clients get past old beliefs, Paradigms  ..and the predominant harmful emotions that can be so damaging to our life.

I usually combine these meditation and visualization processes into about 10 to 20 minutes each morning. Sometimes I really like to meditate and I stay longer and I end it with lots of joy, sending love from my heart out to the world. It's a beautiful process. And when you get into the rhythm of doing this, it really helps change your life. And you'll notice beautiful things begin to show up for you in many ways..

This is the power of your mind here in this 3D worldly existence, my friends.

I want you to try it out, and please let me know how it works for you. And If you have questions or desire support, I'm always happy to connect. You can reach out through email at:

[email protected]

Learn more about our Self Development or Holistic Coaching tools and techniques work by visiting our website HERE.

Have a question about your life or a specific experience? Is there a subject or something you would like to here more about? If so, I'd love to hear your comments.

Thank you for tuning in. Have a great day!


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