Love Who You Are


How many of you love what you have in your life right now, today?

Do you love what you have?

Loving what you've got, loving where you are and loving your experiences -- are all keys to loving yourself.

Why would that be so?

Is it because you're supposed to be positive and happy and go through life in "La La Land"? That's great, and it helps, but there's something bigger.

It's because through your thought and your choices, based upon your belief and your actions, you've brought yourself to where you right now. Where you stand right now.

You're the one who brings these experiences into your life.

There's something you believe about yourself and the energy you put out to the world that affects your inner actions, the way you experience life and people, and they just reflect it back to you. The world reflects it back to you.

Learning to grow through your experiences and love them are all part of learning to love yourself.

Many of us have ideas, concepts, thoughts that stop us from...

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How To Use Your Mind To Get What You Want


Hello and Welcome, to another episode where we mix up a little science and, what I like to call,  a little spiritual seasoning to, "spice up your life."

Today I'm going to talk about meditation and visualization and ways that you can use your mind to create or manifest something into your life.

Your mind is really amazing. I've studied and trained with many people over the years and I've come to understand and know that the mind is the key to bringing what you desire into your life. The energy you hold, and the thoughts you think, tied to the beliefs and the emotions that come afterwards.., are actually creating situations and events and experiences in your life. The mind is the key to your emotional state, and increasing or remaining healthy, ..and your connection to infinite intelligence through your focus, through meditation, and through these processes I'm going to share with you.

The more you do this, (use these processes) ..the more the mind opens up to creativity...

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Why and How I Do this Work - Holistic Life Counseling


Michael Vukelic answers a few important questions from his audience.

1. "Why does he do this work?" and "What prompted him to be a healer and holistic life coach?"


2. "How does he work with clients?" and "What is the process he follows?"

Enjoy the video to learn as he shares his journey of over 15 years of training and healing, and the benefits of understanding your hidden behaviors and challenges to become stronger than your patterned mind.

Michael also talks briefly about the 4 step process he takes his clients through and the importance of each step to become authentic, courageous and confident. Every course or coaching process includes higher spiritual wisdom to "spice up your life" and live free, fulfilled and successful.

For more information on the most recent 4 day online course to Remove Self Sabotage click HERE.  

If you have questions about any of the higher learning programs please reach out to: [email protected]


Your may visit the...

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