The Beautiful Opportunity in Transitions



After some time to reset, I'm really happy to be back doing what I love.

Let's discuss transitions and change. Transition is happening all the time, isn't it? Change is an inevitable part of life, even though we may not expect it, and it may catch us off guard, we must consider what change is really about.

A transition to a new experience is something that is meant for our growth, personally or professionally. Whether we expect it or not, it is ultimately meant to change our life and bring new experiences.

Transitions can be a change in relationship, a change in career, a change in status or a change in location. All these different changes -- pretty big changes -- can really affect us emotionally, and physically.

When we transition, more times than not, we usually transition to a higher experience, which in my opinion is the whole purpose of a transition. The old way of doing, seeing and experiencing the situation is over. We are faced with, and have an opportunity to grow, as well as a new way to perceive ourselves, our world and the direction of our life.

So how many of you can see change as a really good thing? As you think back on the last big change in your life, what was the ultimate outcome? Did you evolve to a better career, relationship or situation? At a minimum, transitions change us personally and I believe they are a necessary and natural part of life. 

It's not always easy to navigate through these big shifts. I understand that. I've been through so many myself. I can easily recall my years working in a corporate career and making the decision to have more freedom and become my own boss. That was probably the most important transition of my life. I had been in a demanding, yet exciting, yet stressful career for 20 something years, then became bored with it, and... BOOM, as my focus was on change, and a higher challenge, everything in my life began to shift. And here I am -- over 10 years as an entrepreneur making my own rules. The first few years were quite a shock, but I am now doing what I believe I was born to do. The rewards for making this transition have been great.

Life is always changing. And so are we. Our body is always changing. Our thoughts are changing, We are always evolving individually.. and mankind is evolving as a whole. To remain stuck in a place of mediocrity, from a place of fear or otherwise, is the worst possible scenario we can bear, so if you feel the pull to change, welcome it and go with the flow.

When you decide to take that leap, take it one step at a time and know that something good and something better is on its way to you.

Change adds spice of your physical experience. In fact, when you step out of your emotional and/or physical comfort zone for transition, it introduces an exciting unknown into the mix of your awesome amazing adventure called "Life."

For those of you who have been displaced out of a career, an experience of love, or a long term home or way of living, what is the first thing to become aware of?

What do you believe will benefit you most at this time in your life?

As the responsible manifestor that you are, you must be aware and realize, that you have invited this change in to your life.

Somewhere in our thought and focus, over the last few months or perhaps slowly over several years, you felt it coming. Your thoughts had been on something you could feel was missing, some small or large unhappiness, and inside you knew it was time to evolve and seek change.

So think about it for a moment. For those of you who have changed careers -- maybe abruptly, maybe not -- How many times had you had thoughts of uneasiness with your career or some of the events or situations you found yourself in? Is it possible you just wanted more? ..A larger challenge perhaps?

Chances are those many thoughts you have had, the feeling of growing discontent, have created the shift in your life. This shift began within yourself and well before your new experience became your reality.

Are you accepting your transition?

If you're struggling with a new challenge, a needed but fearful change -- and all the confusing thoughts, the worry and negative emotions that come from big transitions and change, let's jump on a call together. I would love to support you to evolve to a new experience, and a new path that suits you and resonates with who you now choose to become. You just need a bit of direction to make it happen and as someone who has been there, I'm happy to offer some helpful advice. It's time to enjoy a new ride.

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