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I shared a video just the other day on triggers and reactions and how to begin the process of removing them, or at least reducing there frequency. A video on removing this old energy from your life and welcoming the new. This is a follow up to that video.

I wish to clarify a couple of things because I've had some different questions about that video and the information I shared there.

First of all, I spoke about reactions. All of our reactions are from our ego. All thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and reactions create an ego. Okay? It's the ego. The ego is created by the mind, and all the mind has learned from your physical experience. But that is not the focus of our talk, so I won't be talking about that in depth today.

The ego is actually a conditioned part of you that holds beliefs about others, about the world, and about yourself. And we (the ego) will react to a belief, we don't want to believe  is true. Because everything in the world is energy and we attract or welcome into our experience what we believe is true, it's important to understand what we react to, is really our ego reacting to a hidden (unconscious) belief about ourselves.

Understanding this is the way we will begin to release old negative energy from our life. Reactions and triggers affect our overall energy, how we interact with the world, ..and can place us in the difficult position of attracting more of what we don't like into our lives.

Let me give you a really clear example here. If I told you, you have a big nose and you have a judgment about your nose, you're self-conscious about your nose, and you don't like the idea of having a big nose, it's going to cause a reaction within you. Because it's something you believe. You believe this to be true.. and you (the ego) don't like this truth. So you're aware of this about yourself and you react and think what I say is offensive or hurtful or demeaning, which causes you to have a reaction to my statement. Now, I could mean absolutely nothing by this statement, but you will react to it because its something you (the ego) believe and judge about yourself.

So let me give you another example. If I tell you that you have green hair and maybe you dye your hair green, and you like it, or you know you don't have green hair.. in either case you don't have any judgments about your green hair. Then, my statement is not going to be offensive to you no matter what I say about green hair. I could say a lot of things about your green hair, but it's not going to cause you hurt, or be offensive, because you don't have a self judgment about it. Although you could have an underlying reaction about not being good enough, or another, erroneous, unconscious belief, in this case you don't have a belief or judgment about your green hair to react to.

So the distinction I will make here is both of these statements are being said to you, by someone you are interacting with. Higher wisdom states every encounter with another is a holy encounter. The person making the statement is actually just giving you an opportunity. They are giving you an opportunity to heal this judgment of yourself. They are giving you an opportunity to see and reveal an energy you hold within.

This is a very important distinction to make. When we react, or we get angry, or we get hurt or sad, when we find ourself in that place, we're actually becoming a victim of the situation, of the event, or of the comment. This is an awful place to be. We are disempowered. When we allow ourselves to realize this is a belief that we already hold or an energy we already hold, we can begin to release this energy, this judgment we have and thus, our emotional reaction. And through this awareness and appreciation of this interaction, we begin to heal our damaging judgments.

Knowing and seeing this is paramount to begin to welcome joy, love, success into your life. And that's the whole reason why I do this work. My intention is that you become more aware of a deeper truth, love yourself and your life, and be successful. Your purpose here is to live in joy, live in love, and live to your full potential.

So if you have recurring reactions, triggers, or negative emotions -- these emotions are keeping your joy at bay. These reactions are actually sabotaging your success - or your love life - or your relationships and your ability, some ways,  ..your ability to earn an amazing income and live fully.

It's time to stop hurting ourselves. Life is so much more than what we've been taught to believe as children. And I have a whole online class where i share ways to reveal and heal beliefs, patterns and reactions, but I'm not going to talk about that today either. I'll leave a couple of links below that you can peruse at your leisure. I will however ask one favor. If this video serves you, if you know someone who wrestles with anger, sadness, guilt, resentment or reacts to their life journey and they could be served by this video, please share it with them. In healing my own life, I now wish to help as many people as I can.

Thank you so much for joining me today. 

To your success,


P.S. Know your mind.


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