Page 43. A quick and beautiful story and another benefit of Meditation.



I'm going to call this Part 2 of "How to Bring More of What You Want Into Your Life, Through Your Own Thought and Focus." Yes, by using your mind."

A few years back, I was dating a beautiful lady. She is a wonderful woman who has four children. Back then, I used to read quite a bit. I still do, but not quite as much as I used to. It was mid day and I was sitting in my favorite spot, reading at home, and I decided to take a break and do a little meditation.

Most people know by now, I'm a big advocate of meditation. I've used meditation to connect with infinite intelligence ..and I've used it in many ways. Most powerfully, I've used it to heal myself from some of the physical and emotional challenges I've had to grapple with when I was younger.

A little of my history -- I was raised very... let's call it disciplined. My father ran a tight ship at home. He was in the military for about 35 years. So to avoid any negative feedback, I strived to do everything perfectly. Ha, ha, I mean, when I made my bed in the morning, you had to bounce a quarter off of it. Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but you get the idea. I can remember, when I cut the grass, it also had to be perfect. So I became very disciplined, always showing up, always trying to do my tasks and chores perfectly. And... as you might imagine, it became very stressful.  Meditation has been a great tool to help me to release a lot of the stress and anxiety around that behavior and thinking. It also helped me realize that I don't always have to behave this way, as well as, slow my constant thought processes and ultimately, meditation has supported me so this is not something I have to deal with every day. That's one way Ive realized the benefits of meditation.

So, back to my story -- I had a day off, and as I was reading I began feeling concerned about how to really connect with this new family, especially the woman's children, and be able to connect in this relationship in a beautiful way and bring more joy to all of us.

I put the book down and I decided to do a little meditation. And as I closed my eyes to meditate I asked, "How can I really connect with these kids? How can I connect with this family in a beautiful way?"

And as I calm myself, I'm just meditating along, being in the present moment, slowing my mind down, slowing my thoughts down, and this beautiful energy just started to take over. And I was feeling at peace in a beautiful place, no stress, no worries...

And all of a sudden, I hear "Page 43".

I'm like, "What?"

And I hear again, "Yes. Page 43".

And I ask, "Can you say that one more time?"

And again I hear, "Page 43".

So I lean over and pick up the book next to me and I open it up to Page 43.

It was the beginning of the 19th lesson in the book, and the heading was...

"Be More Childlike".

As I begin to read, the lesson goes into how easy it is to get caught up with our goals and our tasks that we want to perform every day and how this all can bring an enormous amount of pressure and stress into our lives.

But if you can just be more childlike, if you can allow yourself to let go, to have fun and to just enjoy the moment, everything changes in that moment.

Simple wisdom that answered my original question beautifully and as it ended up.. it helped me tremendously. It helped me to relate to the children in a very easy and fun way.. and I believe they enjoyed it as much as I did. I thought that was amazing, and it's something I wanted to share.

One more thing. I know that you too, can find profound answers inside of yourself through quieting your mind and asking the right questions. It just takes a little time, and actually not much effort at all.

Thank you for tuning it in. I wanted you to hear that.

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I wish you much joy on your journey!



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