Three Common Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Success


No matter how you slice it, and whatever words you use -- the law of attraction, planning your life journey, following a path, or becoming laser focused and taking action -- we are responsible for what we are experiencing in our life. 

It's tough to see life this way. It took me many, many years to fully understand and integrate this.

Once I did, it changed EVERYTHING! My business is all about, how I can most powerfully support people to reach their highest potential. Anything is possible for your life and I desire to share the wisdom I've learned that has been instrumental in transforming clients lives.

Today I want to talk about three ways we step into self-sabotage - how we sabotage our inherent success, the quality of love for ourselves and others, and the flow of abundant living. There are many different ways that we can self-sabotage our results and our happiness. Lets start with these common patterns and behaviors:

1. We sabotage our success through our reactions and triggers. Anger, hurt, sadness, disappointments. Life will always bring challenges; through our daily interactions, our close relationships, and career situations -- we feel as though we are not able to create the life we really want.

There are things that show up that we didn't expect. The event that blindsides us, comments that are made, the painful argument. The snow plow man, who leaves five feet of snow at the end of your driveway. The car accident. 

Our reactions are all part of acting out from an ego conditioning. Anytime we react, we push away or resist a situation or an event, we step into lower consciousness and we lose our power. We hurt ourselves, cause damage to ourselves and the people around us.

All emotional reactions also trigger an old chemistry in our brain. Something that we've become used to -- a chemistry, which can be addictive over time. We have some very conditioned ways of perceiving and processing our world.


2. A second way that we can self sabotage is when we feel left out. When we feel alone, and when we feel alienated. Most of us have so many choices, so many opportunities available to us. We can be or do anything we choose. So we don't readily see that it's our own behavior. It's our own thinking, and behavior that keeps us alienated from what we really want to experience.

Many times when we self sabotage, we're experiencing fear -- a fear of not being good enough, a fear of what others might think. A fear that if we show up as ourselves, if we really show up as ourselves, we'll be judged as not enough. We don't trust in our own ability to create the life we really want. What we don't realize is it's usually our own story, our belief, our own thinking that keeps us alienated and alone.


3. Another way we can begin to self-sabotage our life, our career, or our relationship is when we begin to keep score. This is a big one for many people and many, many relationships. The ego mind loves to create chaos, upheaval or conflict. You can see it in the world everywhere.

Conflict comes from egoic ideas and concepts. When we're in a business agreement, a situation or event outside of our comfort zone, or say a relationship with another -- once we begin to keep score, we say to ourselves, "Look at all this I'm doing. And am I getting what I want? What am I getting out of this?"

No matter how right you believe you are, you're creating an energy that dooms a higher outcome for the situation. We start driving a wedge between us and the situation, the person, or the event. And many times this becomes very difficult to heal. Again, damage is being done to yourself and someone you love. So we must remember that we choose our actions and what we do, or don't do, for others. So choose your action and do it with a glad heart.

You always have a choice. Support of others is the highest and best person you can be, as long as you do it with joy, without an expectation, and without an attachment. And so with everything we do in life, the energy we put out into the world, will always be returned to us in another form. So don't let your egoic mind get you stuck in score-keeping. 

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And if you have questions about this information or the program, please reach out or visit my Outrageous Success website here. I'll do my very best to answer them.

Until next time, get happy and step into your highest potential.


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