How Forgiveness Can Support Your Healing - A Higher Perspective


Hello everyone! And thank you for joining me for some Higher Wisdom with Mike.

Today I'm going to talk about forgiveness.

I know there's a lot of talk about forgiveness out there, and I want to add some new concepts and some new ideas to forgiveness and why forgiveness is so important.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to forgive, especially when deep in our heart, we believe that someone did us wrong. It can be confusing for us, and we can stay in a "stuck" place. This energy disrupts our life over time.

There are little things that we need to forgive -- forgiving the person who forgets to pick you up from the auto shop, or the dentist appointment, the person who forgets your birthday and rushes over a day late with a gift. Maybe it's even it's couple days later, (and you've been stewing). Then there is the special person in your life who's been yelling at you, or berating you for something, and you feel you didn't do anything wrong. Or maybe it's someone in your family who steals something from you, takes from you, or takes advantage of you. Or we can be hurt by something even bigger, like not being invited to the party, feeling unloved, left out, alone and alienated by the people you love.

That can be really hurtful. It's horrible. It's terrible. And yes, it hurts. I have some really big news for you, and maybe you won't want to hear this, but I must tell you, because I really want you to find joy and heal your life, heal what's showing up in your life. These events in your life are being brought into your experience through something in your overall energy, something you believe about yourself, or your world. That is what is creating these events.

And by "your world", I mean -- what you create in your world, what you create in your experience.

So the bigger question becomes, do you want to know what it is, what it is that keeps bringing this to you? Do you want to heal this part of you?

Higher wisdom states that we're not separate from others. We all are experiencing a mirror of ourselves and it can show up in many, many different ways. Taking this even a little bit further, whatever we say about another, we also say about ourselves.

If you are experiencing hurt, challenges, upheaval, or a roller coaster of negative emotion, I want you to heal this. I've created the perfect online course to reveal old patterns and concepts and ways of seeing yourself that no longer serve you.

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Thank you for watching and have an amazing day!

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