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Bring Healing to Your Relationships

Create a new understanding of what relationships are. Through shifts in awareness and patterns of thought and behavior, step into a real, deeply connected love that will affect all your relationships. The course is filled with unique processes to love yourself, love your experiences as well as what brought you to where you are in this moment of your life!

Address Your Fears You Have Made Real

Overcome erroneous fears and "illusions" that limit you and your success. Cultivate a connection to infinite, brilliant divine intelligence and live fully embracing the many higher truths that embody a peaceful, passionate, prosperous life! The more you grasp and integrate the information the more amazing your life becomes. Quantum Leaps are made possible.

Increase Mental and Physical Health

Evolutionary wisdom and shifts in perspective to support a healthy and focused mind. Explore Neuroscience and how the mind affects your biology, physiology and your outcomes. Know your own mind and through the science of neural plasticity, begin to rewire and revolutionize your thought, bringing more joy to experiences. Release through new understanding and Divine Intelligence.

You Deserve More

Beyond the good, is the great! 17 years of wisdom is immersed in the courses I share, and the integration of personal growth, healing, success principles, and Divine Intelligence. Learning of your Divine Connection and Power will bring your highest and best life without the sweat and toil and stress!. These teachings are born of my life journey to crush generational curses, and long held restrictive belief systems to bring new tools to live fully, and make joy a daily experience.

What Can You Expect? Creative fulfilling work, Playful, fun, loving, friends, flowing joy and abundance, and a deeply connected love for your life. Despite what you may believe, you can overcome the challenge and it is all possible.

It takes is a commitment from you. A commitment to change the way you see yourself and your world. From where my clients stand today, they can tell you its worth it! Join me today to begin your new life, and learn to love your every experience

"The Quantum coaching program was 3 months of eye opening wisdom that really changed my view of this world for the better! Mike helped me find the freedom and self-love to take back my power and live my best life without fear! The tools Mike shares and the understanding he provides made me feel safe to really dig into the roots of my personal blockages and redefine myself as I powerful creator. Grateful for the hard work and deep care...I recommend (Mike) to anyone who is ready to find their best self and take a quantum leap forward!"

Ray Young
Serial Entrepreneur Marketing & Support

".. Michael taught me how to look deeply inside to uncover what's beneath my concerns AND how to fully embrace myself.. in a way that goes beyond what any book or website could provide me.. Because of the time spent with Michael, my life has undergone a very positive change. I've moved forward in ways that I didn't realize were so accessible, and have a newfound understanding and ease in those situations that had previously caused me to feel anxiety. I am grateful, and I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone seeking positive, forward change in life. "

Brenda Ward
Financial Advisor

"Mike's Quantum Leap Success Program was a true game changer for me... The knowledge has become the groundwork for leading a more rich and fulfilling life! If you are looking for honesty, compassion, and accountability, see Mike!"

Luke La Croix
Co-Owner Car Time Auto Dealership - City Council Member

"I enjoyed working with Michael. His fun and nurturing approach worked great for me. It was really eye opening to see what came from our sessions. I was able to move past hidden challenges regarding my career and relationships that were holding me back. I highly recommend Michael to skyrocket your continued growth and success. Thank you Mike!"

Rosie Dages

"“After spending thousands of dollars and decades of my life in therapy, support groups, and coaching programs, Michael got me to the heart of the problem immediately! The best part? He teaches you powerful, practical tools you can access on your own – for life. Our work together was exciting, vibrant, and fun. AND IT WORKS! I can’t recommend Michael highly enough to help you understand what’s holding you back and get you on the fast track to your goals.” – Lauri Flaquer, Founder Business on the Beach"

Lauri Flaquer
Successful Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Three Pricing Options

Five weeks of education to fit every budget. Decide on, 1. The stand alone self paced premium online video course. 2. The "Advanced" package which includes premium online video course with two personal 30 minute one on one coaching calls, or 3. The "Elite" Package which includes the premium online course, and (3) 60 minute personal one on one coaching calls with Michael. The "Advanced" and "Elite" programs also include a published copy of "Let Go of The Sh*! Show" book and workbook delivered directly to your home.




Included: Lifetime access to the premium online Supercharge Your Manifesting Course. 

Included: Five Weeks of Online Video Training. Outline and Tutorial material.

Included: Three scheduled 30 Minute personal coaching calls with Michael to answer questions/comments regarding  the course material or personal challenges.

Bonus: A new published copy of the "Let Go The Sh*! Show" book and workbook delivered directly to you home.

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Included: A newly published copy of the "Let Go of The Sh*! Show" book.

Included: 90 day access to the Premium online Supercharge Your Manifesting Course.

Included: Five Weeks of Online Video Training, Including assessment and online Tutorial.

Included: Email access to Helpful Support Staff Throughout Course

Bonus: (1) One 30 minute personal call with Michael to address questions regarding the course. 


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Included: Three month access to then Elite Online Learning and Support Staff. 

Included: Lifetime access to the premium online Supercharge Your Manifesting Course. 

Included: Five Weeks of Online Video Training, and Tutorial.

Included: Three 60 minute Live and Personal one on one coaching calls With Michael - to be scheduled during or within 60 days of purchase of the course material.

Bonus:  A new published copy of the "Let Go The Sh*! Show" book and workbook delivered directly to you home.

Special Bonus: 50% off the regular price of an upcoming Speaking Event or Weekend Retreat: To be announced.

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A Final Word

I love doing this work. It has changed my life. And when I see the changes it makes in so many others lives, It fulfills me like no other career! Here is one final video from Ray Young.


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