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Our Advanced Self Development Course will teach you how to manifest your desires, reconnect with the authentic, courageous you, and live free from struggle & negativity.



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Your Adventure & The Separate Self

 Generational Paradigms, Beliefs, Patterns of Thought and Behavior. Many of us are aware these shape our lives and our results. Truly, we are on a perfect adventure and the Separate Self is our perfect teacher. Every thought, every concept, every belief, and every pattern and reaction create our own special Separate Self Identity.

Understanding this part of us, and knowing how powerful we are in terms of our life results will change everything. The mind generated Separate Self, through belief and focus, effects aging, mental and physical health and connects us to a powerful chemistry, effecting our physiology, and our level of happiness and success.

When we understand our separate self, we will understand the illusions that stop us from our happiness, our love, and our best life! 

Love, Value & Trust YOU

Be Free, Authentic and Empowered. Many of us are truly never taught how to love ourselves. Do you really love who you are? Do you love where you are? For many reasons many of us lack a healthy love of self and we are taught how to judge, criticize and compare ourselves to others.

Becoming confident and trusting in our ability to live fully involves a new relationship with "You". Truly loving and understanding yourself will change every experience, every relationship, and your level of health and happiness.

A healthy and integrated love of self is far more powerful than any amount of positive thinking. Through loving yourself, you are capable and worthy of empowered action, to overcome all that you believe stands in your way of an amazing life!

The Heart Driven End Results

Quantum Leap Your Life With Divinely inspired, Heart driven End Results. 

Career/Service, Relationships/Love, Health/Fitness, Financial/Abundance, Personal/Legacy.

From an early age, many of us are exposed to a societal guide of preconditioned ideas. We achieve bits and pieces of the life we desire without truly understanding what life is, our purpose here or what our soul desires for us. 

There is a huge difference between creating a goal and building a heart driven intention. Here we create intentions that resonate and steep us in joy and self empowerment - leaving the hows and what-ifs to the universe.

You are called to be, who you came here to be. Are you ready to hear higher wisdom over the loud and fearful Ego mind? 

Coming Home


You've built a life based on what you thought would bring the ultimate happiness, but now that you've achieved the "success" you sought, somehow life leaves you flat, unfulfilled, and confused!

Will another job do the trick? How about more income? A new relationship? A new car? Psst... its not the job.., it's not the relationship. When you totally change the relationship with yourself, everything will change.

Most likely the way you perceive your experience in one area of your life, is also showing up elsewhere. In your relationships, your routine and your daily activities.. it may be hard to see.

Deep down you know its time for change. Higher Wisdom that will propel you to finally uncover a higher life!

Coming home is part 4 of the Quantum Leap Process. A process to love what you see, love who you are, and experience your power. It's the surrender of what you believe you must be and have, and the building of a life from your authentic, courageous, limitless self.

If you find the beauty of life seems to come and go, you are unduly influenced by people, events and situations all around you, you are in the right place!

It's time for your Quantum Leap. An amazing future awaits you as soon as you decide it's yours. Let's put the old you, behind you, and live empowered in joy. It's time for you to be at peace, while living beautifully, with love, what was always intended for you.



A Presentation of Higher Wisdom and Evolutionary Knowledge 

You've seen all the programs promising external rewards. Now learn from from a  unique and empowering blend of Spiritual Wisdom and New Age Philosophy to achieve lasting transformation, success and joy, from the inside out. It took 17 years for me to really get this, and now I want to share this wisdom with you.

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